Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Week 5: Wikis

I am finding this topic very interesting with the variety of ways that wikis can be used. Having already used Wikipedia for personal use I was familiar with that use of a wiki but I didn't realise how a library could put them to use. I thought that the "what to do with Wikipedia" Information Today article raised some very good points, as a university student I know that one of the first things we were told was to not use Wikipedia as a source and so the arguments raised in the article were very close to home. As a Star Wars fan I especially liked Wookieepedia, although I had to move on before I got too absorbed and forgot I was at work. I also liked the Library Success wiki and have made it a favourite so I can revisit it as I think it has beneficial information for libraries.
I think that book reviews would be a great way to incorporate wikis in a library. It would provide an excellent way to interact with users.

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pls@slnsw said...

It sounds like you are having a great time with wikis.

Ellen (PLS)