Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Week 12 - social networking and wrap up

as a avid user of Facebook, I love being able to be in easy contact with friends around the country I think that social networking is a fantastic idea. I'm not entirely sure on the use of social networking in Libraries, I can see definate potential in using it to connect with teen library users. Prehaps haing a library group on facebook etc for library members of our library that would allow them to post ideas, comments, suggestions for purchase etc.

week 11 - online applications and tools

I found google docs to be a great idea. It would be great for accessing documents that usually you would save on one computer and then would have to have a storage device etc to use it on a different computer. I think it has definate applications in my workplace. For example we have a roster for when staff are working that can change quite a bit. When this happens our casual staff have to come into work to check and then confirm that they are ok to work. It we had our roster saved as a google doc then staff could check it online and make confirmations without having to physically come into the library or have lengthy phone conversations. I'm sure it could be used in other situations as well such as when more tahn one staff member is working on a project.

Week 10 - Mashups

This is such a fun thing to do with photos. I can see a variety of uses for mashups to be used at my library. It would be great for promotional stuff such as brochures or to create a calendar as a gift to our friends of the library at Christmas time and could have photos of the Library and events we have held over the year. It would be great to add a little spice to presentations and could also be used as a children's activity for our storytime sessions.


Week 9 - podcasts and audio

I think that there is a great opening for podcasts to be used in libraries. We could use podcasts for Library tours, how to use the OPAC and Library databases, and a whole range of other things that I can't even begin to imagine. Podcasts could be used for staff members who couldn't make it to staff meetings, for a quick reference guide when learning new skills (after being shown how to do something they could refer back to a podcast if they are having trouble remembering a certain part).

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Week 8

Wow, what an amazing idea for getting the word out about library reference services.So many times I get library members saying I dont want to be a hassle, when of course helping them to find information is what we are here for. I'm not sure at this stage if our library could have a role in "slamming the boards", i think it would be great to be able to, but maybe it's something to look forward to. I think our customers would like to be able to rate the amount of information we have on particular subjects and the qualilty of this information as well as rating our service in being helpful and finding the necessary information.

Week 7

I must admit I struggled with Del.icio.us. I could seem to be able to post it correctly on my blog. I can see that it would be a useful tool for research assistance, not only could you use the websites that you know and are familiar with but can also look at other websites that othe people find useful. Also being able to access favourite websites from any computer is a major bonus, its rather annoying when you have to try and remember the address because the website is saved as a favourite on a different PC. I think with more practise I will probably use del.icio.us more, once I can find my way around.