Tuesday, February 24, 2009

week 11 - online applications and tools

I found google docs to be a great idea. It would be great for accessing documents that usually you would save on one computer and then would have to have a storage device etc to use it on a different computer. I think it has definate applications in my workplace. For example we have a roster for when staff are working that can change quite a bit. When this happens our casual staff have to come into work to check and then confirm that they are ok to work. It we had our roster saved as a google doc then staff could check it online and make confirmations without having to physically come into the library or have lengthy phone conversations. I'm sure it could be used in other situations as well such as when more tahn one staff member is working on a project.

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pls@slnsw said...

Google docs have some great possibilities as collaborative and remote tools.

Ellen (PLS)